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The world according to Loki

Loki is in the thick of things. He’s causing mischief everywhere he goes. He’s a champion back-sleeper. He’s sweet and sour. A bully. A playmate. Eater of plastic. Warm, spotted belly. Turbo purr machine set on high.


Touch him while he’s sleeping, and he replies with, “Wow!”

He’s cute. So darn cute.

His philosophy is simple. Play like there’s no tomorrow. Eat as much as you can. Be enthusiastic. Get enough sleep. And most importantly, prank your friends as often as you can.

One thought on “The world according to Loki

  1. Love this post almost as much as I love Loki! He’s one of my favorites of your cats! Let the whole world see him. Add #Cats to your blog title, and see what happens. I’ll be you get some extra hits pretty quickly. Just a thought. 🙂 You know, if I hadn’t taken in Kell and Rhy, I could have taken Loki and his pal (blank brain, here). Dang. And I’ve loved both of them SO long! 🙂 <3

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