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Losing my mind

I try to lose my mind at least once a day. My mind is a terribly busy place – full of distractions, lists, chores. Living from my head is not nearly as fulfilling as living from my heart. Any sense of fulfillment I experience from my head’s perspective is shallow. Superficial… without deeper meaning.  Ah, but when my mind goes still, the sounds of love and joy move forward, keeping time with the beating of my heart… there is peace, timelessness, unconditional love. Fulfillment is a state of being not something to strive for.

The heart is where my consciousness, my divine playfulness, my dreams, all grow and flourish. It’s fertile ground. I plant my intentions here. I find my bliss here.

Gardening and drawing are meditations that release my mind from center stage and allow my heart to step forward. I get lost to be found. I go inward to expand outward. I disconnect to become part of the whole.

Have you lost your mind today?


3 thoughts on “Losing my mind

      1. Not any more! Guess what I just sent Staci? The final edits on the EPILOGUE!! When I get that back, we are DONE with editing. In ten days. TEN. DAYS. *happy dance going on here* Of course, then I have to PUBLISH the thing. Can’t wait to see you Friday.

        And I expect to be visiting here often, as it’s very uplifting and beautiful. Great job!

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