The love of coffee

An empty vessel

As my early afternoon cravings for caffeine hit me with a stifled yawn, I longingly looked over at my empty coffee cup. I then realized an empty vessel just begs to be filled. So with eager anticipation of that hot, magic elixir, I stuffed my cold toes into my slippers and got up from my graphic design desk to see if there was anything left in the coffee pot downstairs.

Cup filled. Cup emptied. Ready to be filled again.

A cup without coffee.
A page without a sketch.
A patch of earth without a garden.
A vase without flowers.
A body without bliss.

All these things need to be emptied before they can receive sweet abundance. It’s a cycle of give and take, of renewal. What better time than the beginning of a new year to empty our vessels to only allow them to fill up again.

5 thoughts on “An empty vessel

  1. Beautifully stated. And I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for this New Years perspective. So often empty is viewed as a negative—not an opportunity for change or adventure. Happy New Year to my favorite artist! 💜🎉

  2. Pretty sure my vessel is down to rock bottom empty right now. What a day! 8:30 am, Contractor, inspector from the mortgage company, a bank meeting to sign over a check to said contractor, the painter waiting upon my return home (Mark having finally left for work), garage door installation team, problems with painter, problems solved, problems with garage door, problem waiting to be solved, cats getting out of the locked room, cats put back, dogs barking endlessly through it all. Yep. I’m running on empty.

    But I’ll replenish overnight, and start again tomorrow, and I’ll have your wise words to keep me company. Refilling my vessel, even as I type, though I might need to ignore the body/bliss thing. This body merely longs for rest. I’ll save bliss for another day. 😀

    Good to see you posting, Nicki, and to have that much poetry in you on a Friday afternoon is remarkable. Have a wonderful weekend, and can’t wait to see you two again! 🙂 <3

    1. Yep, I’d say you’re running on the empty side of the spectrum! But when it fills back up, look out! And who says rest can’t be blissful?

      Thank you for posting, my friend! Your Irma “after party” will soon be over, and just imagine all the new fodder you might have gained for your next novel.

      See you soon!

  3. I wanted to mention the artist that made my favorite coffee cup featured in the photo. She is Susan Altenau, and I found her studio on Etsy ( I noticed she’s made a spring version of her bunny mug! I get to expand my collection! One cannot have too many handmade art mugs with which to sip coffee from.

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