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I’m so excited! My dear friend Melanie is joining the blog as a guest speaker. That’s her, discovering a new way to play in the dirt. If there’s anyone out there that draws on her heart for inspiration and love, it’s Melanie. Melanie reminds us that creativity expresses itself in so many ways – it’s not just a luxury for those who call themselves artists. It’s every human being’s natural state. To me, Melanie creates space. Her home’s interior is soothing and beautiful. Her garden is lush with edibles and contained by well-thought-out raised beds, paths and sitting areas. She also has a magical way about her – an ability to create space that feels safe to be in when you’re in her presence. People, animals and gardens thrive when she holds space for them. I think she’s one of the most creative people I know, and I’m lucky to have her as a friend, and as a guest blogger! Enjoy!

Drawing on my Heart is the perfect name for this site. . .I have known Nicki for years and have enjoyed her talents through her sketches, paintings, graphic designs, and cottage garden.  It goes without saying that she is “always drawing.”  Watercolors, color pencils, or garden spade in hand…Nicki is bringing forth life through her creativity.  It occurs to me that the act of “bringing forth” or “drawing” is a wonderful way to create.  I was always too quick to say that I was not creative because I could not “draw.”  However, as I sat before a slab of clay last week I did just that:  I drew–I drew from my heart. The feelings of love and gratitude I hold for the earth in general and my garden specifically came forth as I pounded, tweaked, scored, and pinched that slab of clay into a beautiful vessel that will one day hold cut flowers from my garden.  I realized that  I could create; I am an artist.  Isn’t that the way?  We get our mind set on a specific meaning or idea and hold so fast to that belief that we in effect put blinders on, roll the shade down over our creative eye.  Our hearts are like a deep well, and my goal is to make sure that the contents of my well remain pure, positive, and loving–the perfect source to draw from regardless of the day. . .creativity flows as the life giving energy of the universe.  Drawing on My Heart. . .you betcha!

3 thoughts on “Taking time to draw

  1. How lovely to finally “meet” Melanie! (Sorry it took me so long to get here. Been having a heck of a time with sinus/allergy issues. MUCH improved now!) Melanie, I love your outlook, and you are so right that we all have an artist hidden in our hearts. I’m glad you have found yours, and hope you’ll continue to pursue all manner of creative outlets!

    This was a very inspirational and uplifting post, you two! Sharing!

    1. Howdy there, Marcia! I know you’re one busy lady with your books and blogging and public speaking, and I consider it an honor that you stopped by over here for a comment. So nice! Thank you! I’m glad you found inspiration in Melanie’s post. Mission accomplished! I hope your sinus issues give you a break soon and you’re back to feeling like your old self again.

  2. I’ve been feeling much better for the last four days, thanks, after 12 days of misery. Still a bit stuffy, but it’s NOTHING compared to before, so I’m pretty happy. And I’ve got some energy again. Yay! Hope to see you again one day before too long. Between us, we are two busy ladies! But we can make it happen at some point, I’m sure. This was a great post, and I’m glad I saw it come through in my Inbox, or I’d have missed out. BTW, I’m still pondering where I can put those hedgehog prints. I love them so much, especially the one with the bumblebee! 😀 <3

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