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Choosing Love over Fear

Looking outside of the studio window, I see sunshine, new green leaves on the oaks, and butterflies dancing among the milkweed. Looking inside my studio, I see original paintings drying on the easel, prints all packaged and ready to share, pillows all fluffed to add to my art show tent, all tucked within the atmosphere of anticipation, creativity, and love. But the universe has other plans. . .the Leesburg Art Show is officially postponed until October 24 and 25 due to the virus. City officials of Leesburg in coordination with the Director of the Leesburg Center of the Arts decided to postpone the event in an abundance of caution. Upon the surface, it is quite easy to read this “caution” as fear. However, upon a closer look, this same caution can be viewed as love. Love? Yes, love: love for our community. Perhaps we have forgotten to shop local or learn to know our neighbors or local farmers. Time is always in short supply, it seems, and we may find it easier to one-stop shop at big box stores where the crowds and deals seem huge. So perhaps this virus gives us the chance to return to the community, to local. . .and ultimately to ourselves. Love for self: sure, why not. . .have we forgotten how much fun it can be to reconnect at home either with family, friends, animals, or garden? I am choosing to spend the gift of time in the studio painting and creating…remembering that love is indeed the heart of everything. So even during a time of, or perhaps especially at a time of, great fear that itself seems to be the pandemic, we need to change our perspective to love. Love our local medical personnel, respect the resources our cities and local governments provide for us, but most of all love ourselves enough to reconnect to self–loving the time that we can unplug from the chaotic cyber world and reconnect locally with our family, friends, and neighbors. Off to paint. . .I’ll share more next week, and until then, since we won’t be able to meet at the Leesburg Art Festival this weekend or the WomanMade Art Exhibit Opening at Mount Dora Center for the Arts tonight, please find and enjoy peace and love at my ETSY shop where I have recently posted much of the art that we could have smiled over, giggled about, and loved on this weekend. Nicki

3 thoughts on “Choosing Love over Fear

  1. Well said, Nicki! And while many of the things that have been happening all over the place are over-the-top, fear-based craziness, some of the precautions make sense. As a person in two higher risk groups for this virus, I am doing everything I can to avoid crowds for now. Less chance to catch or spread this to others. So I understand why big events are being closed. Perhaps it will turn out to be an excess of caution, but it could also mean that those we love are less at risk for an illness we don’t fully understand yet.

    Staying at home suits me fine for now. Like you, I can focus on my own art, writing and exploring the ins and outs of marketing, and even visiting my good friend’s ETSY shop. 😀 <3

    Thanks for reminding us that there's always room and time for love!

    Paint on, my friend! And know YOU are loved by others, as well. <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks, Marcia! I’ve been going full speed ahead for some time now preparing for this art festival, then to suddenly come to a stop with no event to go to, I felt like my head was spinning a little. But it’s the kind choice to postpone. So many of our local population is in the at risk group.

      Now if folks could just stop panicking over toilet paper, we’ll all be okay!

      1. But, but … but what if there are no people left unscathed to run the paper products manufacturing plants??? It could be the zombie apocalypse, and wipe out everyone running our public utilities, too, hence the need to stock up on an ocean of bottled water! Honestly, these folks are creating their OWN shortages, if you ask me, but then again, nobody did, so I’ll just go away quietly now. (And I’m hoping to send you some pictures of Maui & Kava today, in the hopes I haven’t waited too late. Also, I’d like to have a portrait of Potter and Maks for us, but there’s no rush on that. Will email you later about both! <3

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