20″x20″ Original Painting, “Paradise Lost – 1”


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*** This painting is currently on display at Credo Coffee in downtown Orlando until July, 2023. I’ll relist as “in stock” once the exhibition is over, and if the painting hasn’t sold ***


The close crops of these horses feels intimate, like the viewer is getting a glimpse into the lives of wild horses they may not normally see. A slice of life in an ordinary day among a few wild horses living their best lives in the only paradise they know. A paradise now lost to them. Public lands don’t belong to private ranchers with huge pocketbooks. They belong to us, and tens of thousands of us want our mustangs to stay on public land with humane population management. Millions of us would want it, if every American knew what this greed costs us. 

25% of the profits from this sale will go to the American Wild Horse Campaign, a nonprofit organization fighting to ensure the future of America’s iconic wild horses and burros and the Western public lands where they roam.


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