20″x24″ Original Painting, “As Above, So Below – Eastern Sky”


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This serene painting is the second in a series called, “As Above, So Below,” inspired by the connection between physical and spirit. Past, present and future. The crows in these paintings represent the Native American meaning of “ancestors.” The ancestors are with this horse guiding and supporting because, like other native species, horse belongs on this continent. The horse in these paintings is from a reference photo of a gray stallion I took in Utah while visiting the wild horses in the Onaqui range. In July, 435 of 490 horses were removed by helicopter round up because ranchers see them as competition on the public lands they lease for their cattle and sheep. It’s my goal to use my art to bring awareness and create positive change in the management of our horses on our public lands. The only thing these horses need to see flying over their heads are birds.


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